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Intelligent world

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Intelligent world! Future bathroom
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Intelligent home

When you go home, open the home mode, you can use....

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Intelligence Office

Gently press,electric appliances air conditioning doors are open.     
Gently press,the electric appliance air conditioning door are closed.
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Intelligent security

Our smart host has its own security system to protect the security of the house.
The most advanced quality standards to ensure the safety of product excellence.

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Intelligent voice

Intelligent voice control system is a very powerful voice control computer software,Through this
software can be directly connected through the voice of the computer for some operations, such as
shutdown, cancellation of,Restart, maximize, minimize, select, copy, paste, cut operation; in addition,
Users can also customize some of the operation.

Intelligent video

Intelligent video system. As the name suggests, is to home theater, play music in the background of the
the living room to watch movies can feel the feeling of be personally on the scene and control for
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secret room

Intelligent room remote control door comprises a door body, radio reception, alternating current power
supply,motor drive, the power supply to the radio remote control receiver circuit and the motor is
connected to the control circuit to drive motor Hall, two ends of the door body is also provided with a
sensing component implementation of bit line detection, to ensure the safety of the motor.
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