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Zhuo Yayun smart home 5.0 System
The scene is fully covered, providing a one-stop solution of "zhuoyun smart home 5.0 System"
Zhuo Yayun smart home takes the residence as the platform, and organically combines various subsystems related to home life by using network communication technology, wireless communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology and audio and video technology to realize the interconnection of information appliances. Build an efficient management system for residential facilities and family schedule affairs, improve home safety, convenience, comfort and artistry, and realize an environment-friendly and energy-saving living environment.
Four intelligent control modes - perfect fit

It's easy for the whole family to go out

Users can use app client to check remotely Look after the current situation at home. Through intelligent transmission Sense technology to
comprehensively monitor home safety,
If any abnormality is found, the system will Alarm
at the first time and send alarm information
to the owner immediately, so as to realize follow-up
at any time Take control of everything at
home and ensure family safety。

The operation is intimate and the living is comfortable

According to the individual needs of users, multi-mode, multi scene and differentiated control of single or multiple household appliances can be realized. In the case of static, the owner can also control all the lights, curtain music, etc. through AI voice control Intelligent appliances for voice     control to create a comfortable living       environment。
Zhuo Yayun's whole house intelligence - understand what you need and what you think
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